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 Dongguan Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of electrical equipment, metal processing equipment sales. The main motor production equipment; automatic stator winding machine, ceiling fan stator winding machine, double flyer winding machine, automatic insertion machine, automatic insertion machine, Horizontal paper insertion into films, into the line machine, tie-ray machine rough finishing machine, Moulder, etc., and metal processing equipment such as; automatic for tooth, automatic drilling machines, multi-axis series, non-standard machine. And based on actual production and processing to meet customer demand, design and manufacture of multi-axis drilling, tapping lines and all kinds of special combination of machine tools, so that the original complex and cumbersome process of simplification, automation, efficient, labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises save a lot human and material resources.
 The company is strong in technology, advanced equipment, well-managed, the products meet international standards, quality assurance, the full range specifications. The company excellent product quality, sophisticated testing, testing equipment, so that products continue to maintain high levels of quality, reasonable prices, good quality, high-quality service for customers with multi-directional, multi-system, multi-functional service. At present, the company's products in terms of quality, design, and Taiwan can achieve synchronization standard.
 Our sophisticated products, quality of service: making our products much users of all ages and praise in the market, the company has specialized technical personnel and sales service personnel, the formation of a high-quality and highly innovative team team. In the company of "quality first, credit first" business purpose, to customer requirements as the quality of internal control standards, equipment supply, single and spare parts supply, equipment testing and other areas, and is willing to provide an integrated global enterprise customers solutions.
 We will be better service, better products and better prices, wholeheartedly welcome engineering survey industry colleagues I choose plant products, I would like to plant products with your prosperity,
 Mission Statement:
 Keiyo machinery has always been customer-respect, best interests of customers is the best interests of the Keiyo, well aware poor mechanical quality, not only delay the production schedule and will produce too much bad product, bring enlightenment by many non-users Estimated huge losses, to protect the best interests of users and reduce business risk, Keiyo has always insisted on quality, the use of key components, are well-known brands, in order to provide high-quality, durable, stable mechanical, and high efficiency, and improve fast service, concept of sustainable development for the Beijing Yecheng Li purpose. Welcome to the new and old customers to visit our company to do business in a fair and notarized, our principle is willing to spend 100,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan of the purchase price back. Can not let the bad businesses to obtain benefits. We try to supplier payment time arrangements. Welcome to do business with us. We will have a lifetime to build our flagship.
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